Stop asking, start having 

  • Yesterday morning, I had the most awesome spiritual experience I’ve had in awhile! I was sitting and listening to Nancy Dufresne, after a night of very little sleep (on top of many nights of disrupted sleep), and I was wondering how I was going to do all that I needed to do with such little strength. It was just a promo video from last year’s camp meeting, that I was listening to. She said…”Some of you need to go home and stop asking, and just start having!” When she said that, the only way I can describe it, is it was like my Spirit got a punch or an injection of joy! I burst out…and I do mean, burst “out” with a laughter that came from deep down within me! It lasted for a few minutes, and then it stopped. I asked the Holy Spirit…”What was that for?” He said…”The joy of the Lord “is” your strength!” She went on to say, …”You’ve got to start calling those things that be not, as though they were!” Which is what the Lord has been speaking to me, since the first of 2017! It bore such witness with me that I was able to jump up and get busy! I started speaking, “I don’t need to ask for strength anymore, I “have” strength!” I don’t need to ask for good sleep, I “have” good sleep!” Not only was I able to do what I had planned but even more! When I went to bed last night I slept like I haven’t in months…Glory to God! 🙌🏻 So much of the time we struggle because we aren’t walking in the joy of the Lord, and we aren’t calling to us what God says is already our’s! I encourage you today, give God an entrance into your life, honor His word, hear the word preached EVERYDAY! Faith comes by what you ARE hearing, not by what you heard! Stop asking God, and start “having”! That will be different for all of us, but start where you are! When you realize that what you have been needing and desiring for your life (according to scripture) is already your’s, joy will come, and that inner joy, will strengthen your outer man (your body)! So, just start “having” by speaking, and see it appear and manifest before your eyes! God will be glorified and you will be joy-ified! #thejoyofthelordisyourstrength

“One Body”

Wasn’t sure why I felt the urge to take a pic of my feet, after walking today 🤔…but, I came home and read my chapter for today…Romans 12…then, I knew why when I read these verses: 
“For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.”
I’m so thankful my feet & legs aren’t fighting each other, and that they work together…if they didn’t, I couldn’t get where I need to be!..or, what if they decided they wanted to be my hands and arms…my body would not be functioning the way God created it to! In the same way, we all have a function in the Body of Christ, and we are members of one another…we NEED each other! Just as my feet & legs work together as ONE, not on their own, they need each other to perform their function. We also, need each other, if we are going to function & fulfill God’s plan for us, and for His body, on the earth! We don’t need to do someone else’s function, just what God called us to do! He needs us, and we need each other! #onebody 

“Red Letters”

Reading out of Matthew this week. From chapter 21…when Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem…through to His crucifixion. Wow…did He leave us a lot to ponder! From the cleansing of the temple, teaching us how faith works through the example of the fig tree, all the parables, the great commandments of love, dealing with the hypocritical Pharisees, signs of the end times, and the judgement to come! And to think, some modern day preachers say, that these teachings don’t apply to us because it was before the cross, and therefore Old Testament. Jesus loved us so much, He warned us, and taught us through parables, how to be faithful, loyal, honorable, wise, and how to prepare for His return! As Christians, we should feed off of the “red letters” of Jesus! His words will bring us life and freedom, not bondage or legalism! Don’t be deceived, live in His words, and you will be like the wise virgins. Your lamps will be full of oil and you will have more in reserve. You’ll be ready to meet the Bridegroom when He returns. He said, He is coming back just as He left! Look Up…our redemption is drawing near! #holyweek #ourredeemerlives

“Circle the Wagons”

God has been speaking to me for the last 2 days about…”Circling the Wagons!” If you’re a old western fan, like me, you know what that means. When the settlers were traveling, they traveled in a “wagon-train.” They had a practice of drawing the wagons together in a circle to protect themselves from an attack and to keep their livestock within. They were able to see from every direction, to fight off any attackers! It’s time to “Circle the Wagons,” so to speak, as believers! Time to stop letting petty disagreements divide us, and come together to fight against our enemy! When the enemy attacks you, your family, or your church family, you must open your mouth and speak the Word of God boldly! As you do, you are encircling yourself & them with supernatural strength & power, as well as a host of heavenly angels, who harken to God’s Word! In the Old Testament account of Elisha & his servant, in 2 Kings 6, when the enemy surrounded them, God sent Angels in chariots of fire to surround them. Sometimes, in the westerns, the settlers would be outnumbered, but when it comes to the believer, we can never be outnumbered! Just like the story of Elisha — “Those who are with us, are more than those who are with them!” So, get up and speak up, and let God do the rest! #circlethewagons

“I am More”

I woke up this morning, March 8th 2017,   on International Women’s Day ..hearing these words in my heart…
“I am more, than what I can think in my mind, I am more, than what I see in the mirror. I am more, than what people perceive me to be, I am more, than what society & media wants me to believe of me. I am more, than what my enemy keeps whispering to me — I am more! 
I am more, not because of great feats that I have performed. I am more, because of the value my Creator has deemed me to be. I am more, because the great “I Am” has now chosen to live in me.”
Ladies, please always remember how valuable YOU are to God! Value is determined by the price one is willing to pay. God chose to pay the highest price for you…the pure, spotless, sinless blood of His Son — Jesus! Believe Him, receive Him…and be more than you could ever be without Him! #IAMMORE #internationalwomensday

Praying Couples

One of the greatest blessings and one of the greatest weapons we have as married couples, is the power of the prayer of agreement! I’m so thankful that my husband prays (and I agree with him as he prays) over our day every morning before he leaves the house! He prays for God’s Will to be done in our lives here on earth, just as it is in Heaven! That we walk in life, health, and provision. That we are kept safe from harm, and led by the Holy Spirit! 

Couples, I urge you to do the same, if you don’t already. We live in perilous times and the enemy is at work all around us…BUT, we can use this powerful weapon of prayer and see his plans for us diverted! You are heirs together of His grace, call on His help and grace everyday! 💖🙏 #cffchurch