“Red Letters”

Reading out of Matthew this week. From chapter 21…when Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem…through to His crucifixion. Wow…did He leave us a lot to ponder! From the cleansing of the temple, teaching us how faith works through the example of the fig tree, all the parables, the great commandments of love, dealing with the hypocritical Pharisees, signs of the end times, and the judgement to come! And to think, some modern day preachers say, that these teachings don’t apply to us because it was before the cross, and therefore Old Testament. Jesus loved us so much, He warned us, and taught us through parables, how to be faithful, loyal, honorable, wise, and how to prepare for His return! As Christians, we should feed off of the “red letters” of Jesus! His words will bring us life and freedom, not bondage or legalism! Don’t be deceived, live in His words, and you will be like the wise virgins. Your lamps will be full of oil and you will have more in reserve. You’ll be ready to meet the Bridegroom when He returns. He said, He is coming back just as He left! Look Up…our redemption is drawing near! #holyweek #ourredeemerlives


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