“Circle the Wagons”

God has been speaking to me for the last 2 days about…”Circling the Wagons!” If you’re a old western fan, like me, you know what that means. When the settlers were traveling, they traveled in a “wagon-train.” They had a practice of drawing the wagons together in a circle to protect themselves from an attack and to keep their livestock within. They were able to see from every direction, to fight off any attackers! It’s time to “Circle the Wagons,” so to speak, as believers! Time to stop letting petty disagreements divide us, and come together to fight against our enemy! When the enemy attacks you, your family, or your church family, you must open your mouth and speak the Word of God boldly! As you do, you are encircling yourself & them with supernatural strength & power, as well as a host of heavenly angels, who harken to God’s Word! In the Old Testament account of Elisha & his servant, in 2 Kings 6, when the enemy surrounded them, God sent Angels in chariots of fire to surround them. Sometimes, in the westerns, the settlers would be outnumbered, but when it comes to the believer, we can never be outnumbered! Just like the story of Elisha — “Those who are with us, are more than those who are with them!” So, get up and speak up, and let God do the rest! #circlethewagons


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