“Legacy of Stewardship – What are You Leaving Behind?”


In my daily Bible reading, I’m in 1 Chronicles 29. I always struggle reading through the genealogies, but I recently found this “gem” of a verse in the midst of names I can not pronounce. It is speaking of the descendants of Simeon…

“And they found rich, good pasture, and the land was wide, quiet, and peaceful, because the people of Ham had dwelt there of old [and had left it a better place for those who came after them]. 

Wow, what a great legacy and reputation the descendants of Ham had! They left the land better for those who would come after them — that is stewardship! Stewardship always thinks of those who will come after you, it is always future-minded. It is sad that so many people, nowadays, have no regard for the future, they are all about consuming all they can for themselves!

Darryl and I, were both raised with the conviction that if you rented a home, or any type of building, you should always leave it better than when you went into it. We have always strived to do that and to live by Luke 16:12…

“And if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?”

This applies both in life and ministry! I’m so thankful we had parents who instilled godly morals and beliefs in us both as we were growing up! We should all live with an attitude of stewardship in every area of our lives — where we live, where we work, and most importantly where we worship! Are we leaving the atmosphere and the places we occupy, while here on earth, better or worse for those who will come after us?

After all (as Christians), this is not our permanent home, we are only sojourners here on this earth, we are citizens of Heaven! The shepherd (and later King of Israel) David, knew this fact well. He declares in Psalm 24:1…

“A psalm of David. The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains, The world, and those who dwell in it”

David was a good steward over the sheep that were entrusted to his care, and later became the King of Israel. As we also walk in this attitude of stewardship, it will bring blessing and favor in our lives as well!

Until next time, may the Lord bless & keep you!

Your Sister in Christ,

Kathy Jo


“Shake It Off”


It seems like, for awhile there, you couldn’t get on social media without hearing or seeing that phrase. Although, I don’t endorse the song or the artist, that phrase did strike a chord in me. In life, there will always be those who oppose you, your dreams, your calling, or just flat-out don’t like you! It is a lifetime challenge not to let what people say about you or think about you, get to you!

We all have the deep need to be loved and accepted, I believe it is God-given. However, we equally also have the ability to “shake off” the negative words or actions that have been targeted against us, along with the negative emotions that result from those actions. We are created in the “image and likeness” of God, He is the “master” at loving people, who don’t love HIm. He doesn’t allow their words or actions to dictate His response or change His love for them. In other words, He doesn’t let it get to Him or harm Him.

That phrase also reminded me of the story, in Acts 28, where the Apostle Paul was warming himself by a fire and a serpent came out from the fire and struck him on the hand. It goes on to say in verse 5, “…he shook off the beast into the fire, and felt no harm.” It is possible, when the enemy strikes at you with negative words & actions through others, that you can merely “shake it off” and suffer no harm from it. That can only be done through knowing the great love and acceptance you have from your Heavenly Father! He gave us that need to be loved, because He is the only one that can completely fill it! His main purpose for creating mankind, in the first place, was to have someone He could lavish His love on.

So, no matter what you have had said or done to you, you like Paul, can “shake it off” and not let it harm your life, as you draw on the immeasurable love from the One who created you, your loving Heavenly Father!