Mothers – A Love Like No Other


“Happy Mother’s Day” — I pray that all the mothers who are reading this know how special they are! We don’t always let our mothers know how much we appreciate them, it’s easy to take them for granted. After all, they have been with us from our beginning, they are as familiar to us as breathing — but, just like our breath, where would we be without them?

From the beginning we depended upon them for our every need. To feed us, change us, bathe us, clothe us, comfort us, make sure we were kept warm when it was cold and there to shade us from the heat. Oh, and we can’t forget, she was there to clean our dirty faces, with just a handkerchief and a little spit when needed! How would we have ever made it through our “school days” without our mothers? She was our chauffeur, hair stylist and fashion consultant. She made sure we looked good on “picture day”, it wasn’t her fault if we looked like we had just rolled down a hill when it came time for the pictures to be taken (most of us probably had) , we looked good when she dropped us off for school! Who can count the sacrifices she made through the years so we could play sports, cheerlead, play in the band or whatever your “thing” was! She got by with little, so we could have much!

As we age, we begin to realize just how wise she was, and how foolish we were! I have made many phone calls to my Mom, apologizing for my arrogance & lack of respect I treated her with as a teenager! You know, back when we knew everything and she knew nothing — God forgive us!! She loved us through it all, our response to her didn’t dictate how she cared for us! She just continued to love us unconditionally, and I’m sure she said to herself….”They’ll understand someday!” After all, she was once that smart-mouth kid talking to her Mom!

So Mom’s, if your children are still in that “stage”, hang in there they will wise up someday! As I have gotten older and faced struggles in my life, I can only imagine what struggles she may have gone through that I never knew about! As I have increased in years, my respect for her has only increased as well! If you still have your Mom with you or if she has passed on to her reward, the love she gave never leaves us! It is engrafted in our thinking & our actions, how you respond to your children, or if you are like me and have no children, it still comes through in how you respond to others!

This Mother’s Day Eve, I am so thankful to have an earthly Mother who has loved me & does love me unconditionally, just like my Heavenly Father! I will continue to do my best to show her how much I appreciate her and the sacrifices she made for me! I know I will fail but I hope she now knows that I love her with the same love she instilled in me! The greatest gift we can give our mothers is to keep that legacy of love, she showed us, going! So I salute all the mothers, past, present and future that have and will shape this world! Mothers, never underestimate the contributions you are making, you are shaping the world not only today but also for tomorrow! God Bless You All!!!